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Customer Reviews / Testimonials

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Great job on Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Review for House washing

Date: June 22, 2020Written by: Theresa San MartinFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Tom came out to do my siding, gutters and windows and the job he did was absolutely fantastic. He did all the work he was hired to do and also cleaned a couple of extra areas that were particularly dirty. The work was exceptional and the service was prompt and super friendly. I will be using Tom's company again for sure.

Thank you Tom and your team for the cleanest house on the block.

I'm really happy!

Review for House Cleaning

Date: May 29, 2020Written by: Karen ThomasFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Finally I found a great company to wash my windows, gutters and siding. Tom was wonderful to deal with and made my house look new again! Thank you.

Very, very happy

Review for Gutter clean, siding and window wash

Date: May 20, 2020Written by: Susan CrawfordFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I had Twice as Nice come today to do my house and all three of my neighbors and we're very happy. Our rowhomes are clean, the gutters are flowing and the windows sparkle. Tom was completely reliable which is pretty unusual these days and I will use him again and recommend him to everyone.

Pressure washing/moss removal

Review for Gutter cleaning

Date: February 15, 2020Written by: Young ChooFrom: Surrey/Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Returned call promptly. Came and did a great job cleaning the gutter, removing the moss on the roof, and even cleaning up (pressure washing) our driveway afterwards. Highly recommend

Gutter Cleaning- Cleaning Gutters Surrey/Langley

Review for Gutter Cleaning

Date: February 1, 2020Written by: Gail LewisFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Very nice man, came out on his day off and showed me around the house and what was wrong, very knowledgeable and personal. Highly recommend Tom

House washing/gutter cleaning

Review for Gutter Cleaning

Date: January 24, 2020Written by: Ayoe LaiFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you Tom for cleaning our gutters. Professional work and great result. We will definitely use your services again in the future

No Storm is a Match For Great Service

Review for Moss Removal & Gutter Cleaning

Date: January 9, 2020Written by: Dale HarrisonFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Our roof was starting to get pretty green and we booked Tom for the full treatment - moss clean, treatment and gutter cleaning. And even though it turned out to be one of the stormiest days of the winter, Tom gave it his full effort and attention.
We highly recommend Twice as Nice.

I would absolutely recommend Twice as Nice

Review for Gutter cleaning service

Date: October 15, 2019Written by: Carmen McGregorFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I had Twice as Nice clean my gutters last week. It's the first time we have had them cleaned by a company and not done it ourselves. It's a great alternative for people no longer able to maintain all the upkeep a home requires. Tom did an excellent job. I would absolutely recommend him and his company. Thanks

Fast, Efficient and Reliable Gutter Cleaning Pros

Date: September 11, 2019Written by: N.G.From: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Few years back we moved into our new house and during the first rain storm that hit the region, we experienced a curtaining overflowing of our gutters at 3 sides of our roof lines.

The lowest roof line at our place is at least 25ft above ground, so there was no way I could reach it with ladder. With heavy rain forecast for the next few days in a row, and that much water splashing all over, it was not an option to postpone it until we saw a clear sky. So, started calling up alphabetically local gutter cleaning companies.

After calling dozen or so businesses and leaving voice messages, I was about to give up for the day, but decided to call one more company. This time, I dialed Twice as Nice number and someone answered. He introduced himself as Tom and asked the location of our place and the size of the house and was able to quote right away. Considering how heavy it was raining, I asked what would be the earliest they could come and he said he could drop by in a few hours. I asked if he would prefer a bit drier day to climb up the roof, but he explained that actually it is good that it is raining as clogged downspouts could be worked better when the gutter is already full.

So, Tom showed up in about 2 hours and started working immediately. It turns out that our gutters had never been cleaned since its construction 3 years prior and he showed me a bucket full of thick muddy stuff he collected from our gutters, including leaves, roof shingle shavings and various other debris mixture. He even repaired one high-up downspout joint that was badly damaged.

We’ve been using Twice as Nice services ever since and Tom and his crew come once a year to make sure that we are all set for an upcoming rainy season.

I would highly recommend Twice as Nice to anyone who needs reliable, trustworthy and right-on-time gutter cleaning professionals for your home and business structure. I am sure he will quickly earn your trust and become your good friend as it was the case with me.

I right away recommended him to my neighbor

Review for Gutter Cleaning

Date: September 11, 2019Written by: Kulwinder Singh GrewalFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Tom did a great job cleaning our gutters. He was early and very efficient. I right away recommended him to my neighbor who also needed to find someone to do his gutter cleaning. I will call you again. Great service
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