Complete Window Washing and Cleaning Services
Langley, Surrey and Surrounding Area

We clean windows up high and on the ground level.

We clean windows up high and on the ground level. On Houses (Residential), Stratas and Commercial buildings (up to 4 storeys/50ft.)

We use a water fed pole system (WFP) that can reach up to 4 storey's (50ft.) high; this allows us to remain safely on the ground while we wash the upper windows. Some people prefer the old fashioned way with a micro fiber soap applicator and a squeegee. We can offer both options and also do interior window cleaning.

The WFP method or the squeegee methods are the 2 ways windows are cleaned. Both processes have the same science behind them. The dirt on the window glass needs to be agitated and loosened and then the dirty water removed. The WFP method uses a soft brush to agitate and loosen the dirt, then a thorough rinse with clean water removes the dirt , leaving the glass clean and spot free. With the squeegee method, the micro fiber soap applicator loosens the dirt and the dirty water is squeegeed off. With the squeegee method the soap is really only used to make the squeegee slide smoothly.

The squeegee method requires the workers to climb a ladder to reach the high windows. Tom and his team can safely do this and are WCB and Liability insured.

* Ladder standouts on our ladders protect your gutters from dents and scratches and keep the ladder safely in place.
* When necessary, ground levelers are utilized to safely level all our ladders on uneven ground.
* Rubber bumpers are used to protect walls from leaning ladders.

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