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House washing means washing the exterior of your home's shell. In the lower mainland that's most often vinyl siding, but there are many other shell coverings on houses, such as, stucco, wood siding, aluminum siding, just to name the most popular ones. We do all our house washing by hand using a special cleaning solution, a soft brush to remove stubborn stains and garden hose water for rinsing. Many people will tell you it's ok to pressure wash the shell, but that's not the case. There are many risks to using high pressure on your exterior finish.


On vinyl siding there is a clear protective coating put on by the manufacturer to give it a lustre/shine and to keep dirt and algae off. This coating when pressure washed will come off and the siding will start to get a chaulky  and dull look to it, attracting  the dust and dirt floating in the air. At that point it is also harder to clean. There is also a risk of blowing a hole right through your vinyl with the water pressure causing water to penetrate to the membrane.

On other coverings, the risk of water penetration comes from pointing the high pressure wand underneath the siding pieces forcing water behind the siding causing potential mold damage. Accidental damage from a mis-directed high pressure wand are all things one should avoid. The best way to wash  the exterior of a house is by hand, using a soft brush, a good strong soap and water pressure from your garden hose. We also wash inside and outside gutters, windows, soffits, fachsia, roofs and anything else you may want cleaned on the outside of your house.

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