Complete Gutter Cleaning Services in Langley, Surrey and Surrounding Area

Why clean your gutters?

Gutters! Every house has them, and when they are blocked and overflowing it's amazing how wind against your house can blow the water up against your house and roof. It has to go somewhere. Keeping your gutters clean is important to avoid potential water damage and costly repairs.

Tom and his team will clean out all the gutters and also do a check for proper clear flow on all the downspouts. We will inspect the gutter system for any possible deficiencies and inform the homeowner how best to remedy the situation.

We can seal any leaking corners, replace any down spout inserts and even suggest the best gutter guards to install.

We promise 100% customer satisfaction!

* Ladder standouts on our ladders protect your gutters from dents and scratches and keeps the ladder safely in place.
* When necessary, Ground levelers are utilized to safely level all our ladders on uneven ground.
* Rubber bumpers to protect walls from leaning ladders.

Other Services We Provide

Gutter Cleaning

We can include gutter cleaning when washing the exterior of your home or business. Annual gutter cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your home.

House Washing

Thinking about selling or just want your house to sparkle? Twice as Nice will take both time and care to professionally clean all the exterior surfaces of your home.

Roof Cleaning

Moss, pine needles and other organic debris can be devistating to the life span of your roof. A regular roof maintenance can protect you from costly roof repairs.

Window Washing

Twice as Nice has the equipment needed to safely clean your windows and screens on both lower and upper levels of your home and business. Click here to learn more.

Pressure Washing

We tackle the tough cleaning jobs around your home such as decks, patios, driveways and more. These surfaces can be cleaned using either hot or cold water.

Strata / Commercial

Contract rates available for commercial and strata properties. Professional, uniformed personnel will take care of all your exterior cleaning needs. WCB Insured.

Repairs & More

We can do minor repairs such as gutter sealing, gutter downspouts, soffit repair, and light bulb replacement in high places.

Chrismas Light Hanging

Yes we can also hang your Christmas lights.

My Toolkit

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My name is Tom Vermeulen and we've been servicing Vancouver area homeowners and business customers since 2001. Twice as Nice Exterior Cleaning is proud to provide our customers with a variety of solutions to keep their homes and business buildings looking sharp. Curb appeal goes a long way in saying how much you care about the presentation of your home and business. Let Twice as Nice make your home look special. Contact us today!