Gutters clogged? Do you wonder about roof cleaning

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Windy weather clogged gutters

Date Posted: January 23, 2019

It’s been a windy and wet few months here on the west coast. We have had to clean a lot of roofs when we get called out to do gutter cleaning.

Our goal is to give customers the best value for our services. Lately due to high winds many customers have their roofs covered in branches and other organic debris. We always inform our customers on the situation and work together to figure out the best strategy for gutter cleaning. Many times I suggest to also blow off the debris from the roof and the roof channels. By doing a proper cleaning the branches, leaves etc. will not blow down and re- clog the gutters. A job well done is always our goal. Call us if you need a free quote on gutter cleaning. 

A job well done gives customers peace of mind.


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