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What to look for when hiring a pressure washing company

Date Posted : November 28, 2019

Pressure washing done right and at a great price. When hiring a company to pressure wash around your house there are a few things to look for.

What are the right tools for the job?

  1. Make sure they are WCB insured because owners are liable if they are not insured and they get injured on your property
  2. Make sure they have liability insurance in case there is any accidental damage by the workers
  3. Make sure they only pressure wash hard surfaces such as walkways, driveways, decks, patios etc. Pressure washers can do a lot of damage to wood, fachsia, vinyl siding and other soft finishes
  4. Make sure they have the right equipment available; such as proper nozzles and tips, surface spinners for smoother surfaces and machines with the ability to regulate pressure.
  5. It's ok to ask what procedure they are planning to use to clean your project and how long it will take
    It's important who you hire has insurance