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Gutter Vacuuming - When is it a Good Choice to Use it to Clean Your Gutter?

Date Posted : November 20, 2019

Gutter cleaning or as some call them, eavestroughs. We can clean all types of gutters and eaves on all types of houses and buildings, usually by hand.

We find that climbing up and seeing the debris in the gutters makes it easier to do a thorough job.

We always check all the downspouts as that's usually where the issues are. Whether it's a clogged downspout or a detached connector. We fix it.

We also clean eaves using a vacuum system, we utilize this method in areas we can't get a ladder to or very high extreme roof angles. We are able to go 60 feet vertical.

We find all kinds of strange things in gutters and customers wonder how the things get in there. It's mostly chicken bones, pork chop/steak bones all kinds of peanut shells etc. Those are all thanks to our local birds and squirrels, but kids are pretty good at getting stuff in the gutters too, such as hockey balls, tennis balls, arrows, darts hoola hoops, well you get the drift.

Recently though, we were cleaning some gutters with our vacuum and we had a clog, upon further inspection we saw what it was. Check out that picture. I guess a mole had been dragged up by one of our birds, eaten and left in the gutter. Yikes!

Murphy's law says if "it can get in the gutter it can clog it"

'tis the season for cleaning all things gutters.

    With our gutter cleaning vacuum system we are able to go up to 60 feet vertical.